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forGetMyIP VPN Service RUS ESP
  • Shared VPN - $1/day, $2/week, $3/month

  • Dedicated VPN - $10/month

  • STunnel Dedicated VPN - $10/month + $10 setup fee

  • Bidirectional VPN: Hide your SERVER under our IP - $20/month

  • We are the project of VirtualSIM.net SIM cards leasing SMS verification service
    We provide VPS based VPN (OpenVPN Server) and VPN over STunnel
    Shared VPN is like any other services is a server used by several clients.
    Dedicated is VPS exclusively set up for you with VPN server and STunnel on demand
    Worktime and contacts information:
    • Telegram: @forgetmyip (11-15 GMT, except Saturday)
    • On-site tickets: daily from 7 am till 10 pm GMT
    • You may also contact the Virtualsim.net operators