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About the project

ForGetMyIP.com provides VPN services based on VPS servers.
Service was established as an addition to our SMS verification operations (Virtualsim.net) to help strenghten the security and anonymity of people who cares from all over the world.
Why to choose our service
  • Our shared VPN servers are not overpopulated
  • Our VPN servers IP addresses are not overused, therefore, the fact of VPN usage is barely noticeable; IP addresses rather not marked anywhere as "VPN provider"
  • You may order and get a dedicated VPN with all the bandwith and no one else on the same IP
  • Our shadow (Stunnel) VPN service allows you to hide the very fact of VPN usage from your Internet provider
  • Bidirectional VPN will allow you to keep server at your place while using our servers IP for incoming requests
  • We are ready to create any crafted service on demand, for a reasonable fee