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forGetMyIP VPN Services ENG RUS
Welcome to the new VPN service provider!
We are the project of VirtualSIM.net SIM cards leasing SMS verification service
We provide VPS based VPN (OpenVPN Server) and VPN over STunnel
Countries: Germany, Netherlands, Norway (and more on demand)
Shared VPN is like any other services is a server used by several clients.
Dedicated is VPS exclusively set up for you with VPN server and STunnel on demand
Price list
  • Brand new service! Hide your SERVER under our VPN - $20/month
    What does it mean? It means, that your website, application, Telegram-Bot or anything else that requires listening on a port can now be accessible through our IP address!
    You will need to provide us a port (or multiple ports) which you need to be listened on your server. Then just connect to our VPN and set listening address, which we provide, into your server settings. That's it! Now, visitors of your site, app or service will see our IP address instead of your servers' real IP!
    Address which you receive is exclusively yours!
    You can still use this VPN for other purposes.
  • Shared VPN - $1/day, $2/week, $3/month
  • Dedicated VPN - $10/month
  • STunnel Dedicated VPN - $10/month + $10 setup fee
Support (11-19 GMT, Saturday: 15-19 GMT): write a ticket
  • Telegram: @forgetmyip (11-15 GMT, except Saturday)
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